Mariah Rehmet and Brooke Moreland

We have been friends and collaborators for nearly 20 years. In addition to telling compelling visual stories, we also enjoy margaritas, cooking and lounging on pool floaties.


Brooke Moreland

Brooke began her career in New York City working in Reality TV as an Editor on working on a variety of shows including the popular real estate show Flip This House and psychic cold case solving series Haunting Evidence. In 2010 she left television behind for start-up land, and founded celebrity-backed social sharing site Fashism. She then went on to run marketing at Fashion GPS and ride-sharing site Gett (now Juno) before ultimately co-founding Jewelbots, a connected hardware company that makes coding toys for kids. She now combines her love for visual storytelling and technology by helping other entrepreneurs tell their stories.


Mariah Rehmet

Mariah Rehmet is a Brooklyn-based Editor, Director, and Producer. She received her Masters in Media Studies from the New School in 2012 and was most recently the Executive Producer and Editor of 2019’s The Man In The Woods. Previously, she was the Editor of Netflix's docu-series Rapture, the Editor/Producer of Showtime's Word Is Bond and an editor of Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives, among other projects. Prior to pursuing the film hustle, she cooked in kitchens in Italy, Texas and California before landing in NYC.